Select your CHALLENGE

Let’s get started! Once you click ‘Sign up’ your JustGiving fundraising page will be generated, displaying your selected goal. Here you'll be able to connect your Strava account & even share live videos.

Cycle4Sepsis 50 miles

Take your bike out for a leisurely spin daily or cycle each weekend to achieve your target. It takes only 6 minutes to cycle a mile.

Cycle4Sepsis 150 miles

If you're adventurous you could cycle from London to Cardiff or why not use your commute to clock up the miles?

Cycle4Sepsis 300 miles

Maintain your fitness and cycle 10 miles a day or take on a challenge around the coast of your choice.

Cycle4Sepsis Bespoke

A spin around the park with family or the ultimate long distance Land's End to John O Groats - you choose.

Cycle4Sepsis Corporate Team

Let's get the Competition going – arrange a company wide team challenge and showcase winners.

Cycle4Sepsis Hospital Team

We know you’re all awesome – showcase your Hospital's talent, get the biggest & best team together. Let's do this!